When it comes to a residence, there is a wide range of selections, from houses, apartments, condos, to townhomes. If you have the dream of staying in the serviced residence singapore, does it mean that you tend to consider apartment no matter how many other options available are? Being able to find the place that feels like home means that you know where to come back for your resting and quality time. We have a list of reasons why individuals in these modern days choose to stay in serviced apartment. Yes, serviced apartment is the great option if you are looking for a place to live rather than sleep.

– Home comforts

In fact, serviced accommodation like apartment provides a secure and comfortable environment. On the other words, it offers a home-from-home comfort. Apartment often includes living and sleeping spaces as well as all the entertainment equipment you may desire. Now, you have the idea where to go to find the best place, where you can feel like staying at home, right?

– 24-hour concierge

Each concierge is a master organisation. Anytime you will leave your apartment, there will be the service that works in assisting the guest with individual travel and social arrangements.

– Freedom and privacy

Those who prioritise their privacy notice that serviced apartment is the best solution when they are in the need of finding the place to stay in a few months. Without the need to reserve a conference room, you can host the meeting in the living room or dining room. Do you want entertaining friends or family? Don’t worry because you can get relaxed without any fear of disturbing anyone or other tenants of apartments since there are the privacy apartment guarantees.

– Space

For the certain reason, you come to Singapore with your loved ones. Plan for a holiday? Compared to the hotel, an apartment has up to 30% more space on average, so you should not worry about extra space when letting your kids play inside the apartment.

– Cost effectiveness

While it is right that booking the accommodation service leads you to spend the amount, serviced apartment offer the reasonable price. How many people will stay with you in one apartment unit will not be the matter at all. Why? The rates get charged per apartment as opposed to per person. Staying in such this accommodation could lead you to realise your dream. This also proves that enjoying luxury facilities is not only about the amount to spend matter, but your ability to pick the right accommodation.