When it comes to hiring a plumber, then there are many questions that may come to your mind. No one wants to get a bad plumbing experience. So, it is always important to choose a plumber that has specific skills and knowledge in this field. If you want to end up with the right service, then you should hire a plumber who can fit your requirements. To get the best kind of service, you should search for the Best Plumbers Singapore. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 questions that you should ask a plumber before hiring them.

Why should you ask questions to your plumbers?

There are multiple plumbing companies in the market that claims to provide the best quality of service at a reasonable price. But do you know the truth behind these fake promises? Well, to save from these types of frauds, you should hire a professional company that offers quality service.

Before hiring any company, you should go through the multiple considerations that are discussed below. There are many cases where a customer received a huge bill after the service was complete. The companies charge hidden costs, additional costs and add many more unnecessary additional charges.

As a result, you may end up with a huge loss of amount. So, choosing someone who can fulfill your expectation is tough. To get the right kind of Company like Express plumbing service, you have to invest your time and efforts. In other words, you have to ask them the right questions before hiring them.

What are the questions that one should ask a plumber before hiring them?

  1. Is the Plumbing Company Licensed?

This is the first question that you have to ask your plumbers. The plumbing companies have two types of licenses with them; one is a business license, the country they reside in, and the other is a license in which state they are registered in. You should check whether the Company has any licensed plumber or not. By hiring a licensed plumbing company, you can ensure to get the right kind of service. The companies that are registered also helps to build trust among the customers. It improves the chances of getting quality services.

  1. Is the Plumbing Company Adequately Insured?

This is another important that you should ask your plumber. A professional plumbing company always holds the liability insurance with coverage that they pay in case of any potential loss for the property they are working in. Along with that, the Company should have plans for Workman’s Compensation.

In this case, they have to pay compensation to the worker if he is injured while doing his job. If the Company doesn’t have such kind of plans in their business, then the worker may ask the compensation to you if anything bad happens with him during working on your projects.

  1. Does the Company hold a good background?

To get a satisfactory solution, you have to hire companies who have a good background. When you hire a plumber for your residential space, then you are giving them the power to enter your space. So, for the sake of the safety of your family, you have to check the background of the Company. Make sure that the Company hires the employees after proper screening. After checking their id cards allows them to enter your house.

  1. Does the Company have the Right Experience?

When it comes to solving the plumbing issue, then it is extra bulky. In this case, you need an employee or a plumber who holds over years of experience and attractive skills. Choose a company that has skilled and well-trained employees. The professional and experienced plumbers have already deal with the same issue, and that’s why they can meet your expectations.

  1. Does the Company Protect Your Assets?

Ask the Company that what are their plans to protect your asset from any damage? What will they do if there will be any unnecessary damage happen to your assets? Will they clean up after they are finished their work? Do they take any extra cost for this or what? So, by asking these several questions to them before hiring a plumber to recover you from any further hassle.

  1. Does the Plumbing Company Provide any References?

It may feel uncomfortable to ask this question for the sake of your money and safety you have to ask them. You can ask them to provide some of the references that they already worked with. You can also visit their website to check their reviews and comments from their past clients. In this way, you can get an idea about their service.

  1. Does the Plumbing Company Have the Right Equipment?

A good plumbing company always provides the necessary tools or equipment with their plumber. Check what kind of equipment they used and whether they are in good condition or not. You should also ask them whether they charge extra costs for this or not.

  1. Does the Plumbing Company Offer a Warranty?

Other than the above questions, you should also ask them whether they provide any warranty with their service or not. What happens if you have an issue in six months? Ask them whether they provide after-care service or not and how much they cost for this, or will it be free?

  1. What about their Customer Reviews?

Most of the old companies doesn’t have the website, so it is really tough to check the reviews of their customer. So, you should talk with them regarding this. Sometimes the reputed companies also try to scam your money. So, by asking these questions, you can check their trust and confidence before you hire.

  1. Do they ask for any hidden Pricing?

This question is a must when you hire a plumber for the first time. Ask them whether they have any hidden costs or additional charges after the service?


After asking these questions, you can check whether the Company is right for you or not.